At Flex Physical Therapy, you can expect a full hour with one on one attention from your doctor. Each visit is tailored based on your specific needs and your treatment plan.


At the initial evaluation, your physical therapist will take a thorough subjective to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Then your therapist will examine and assess your body movement and pelvic mechanics to identify any faulty movement patterns and tailor your treatment to your specific impairments.


Your therapist will be a part of your personal treatment team and will help you achieve your pelvic health goals.

Pelvic Health

Improve pelvic floor dysfunction with a personalized holistic therapeutic approach. 


- Urinary/fecal incontinence

- Urinary urgency

- Urinary frequency / "Overactive Bladder"

- Constipation

- Vaginal prolapse

- Uterine prolapse

- Bladder prolapse

- Rectal prolapse

- Pelvic pain

- Pain with penetration

- Pain with orgasm

- Pain with ejaculation

- Pain with urination/bowel movements

- Erectile dysfunction

- Premature ejaculation

- Peyronie's disease 

- “Heaviness” in the pelvis

- Feeling of “falling out”

- Interstitial cystitis

- Endometriosis

- Pudendal neuralgia

- Sacroiliac dysfunction

- Prostatitis

- Post-prostatectomy

- Low back pain

- Hip pain

- Coccyx/tailbone pain

- Pubic symphysis pain

- Pregnancy/ postpaartum wellness

- Diastasis recti

- Dyssynergic defecation

- Anal fissures

- Hemorrhoids

- Hernias

- Vulvodynia

- Vestibulodynia

- Gender affirmation rehabilitation

- Vaginoplasty

- Phalloplasty

*This is not an exhaustive list of diagnoses we treat at Flex PT ATL; however it is a list of common diagnoses we see and frequently treat. If you do not see your diagnosis on this list, please contact us to discuss your diagnosis and available treatment options.