About Kayla Pierce

Kayla was born in Arizona, raised in Mississippi for most of her childhood, then spent her teenage years in Georgia for highschool, later attending college at Georgia State University. She moved to Tennessee at 21 to become a zipline tour guide in The Smoky Mountains for a fun change of pace. The same job led her to an amazing opportunity in Hawaii, and she took it. In 2020, the island slowly started to close itself off from everyone on the mainland, and she was on the last flight off the island for months, coming back home to Georgia. She’s been in Atlanta for three years now, and started working with Lance as his admin in January of 2023. You can always count on seeing her smiling face whenever you arrive at the clinic, more than happy to help with anything.

Outside of the clinic, you can find her:

  • Going to concerts and shows around the city
  • Taking her baby (dog) Henley to Piedmont Park (He LOVES to roll down the hills on his back)
  • Getting Thanksgiving Dinner once a month at OK Cafe, her favorite restaurant
  • Going on road trips! Tennessee has the best most beautiful sunsets hands down, so she frequent there the most
  • In the water; scuba diving, free diving, or just playing mermaids

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